Win With Q Pootle 5: The Great Space Race and Other Adventures on DVD

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Are your children fans of Q Pootle 5? Bud loves adventures of Q Pootle 5, Oopsy, Eddi, Stella, Ray, Groobe, Planet Dave  and Bud-D and their life on Okidoki at the edge of space.  We've recently been watching  Q Pootle 5:  The Great Space Race and Other Adventures on DVD and Bud and LM have been really enjoying watching it.

 Q Pootle 5 ;  The Great Space Race and Other Adventures on DVD

The Q Pootle 5 series is based on a range of books written by the rather brilliant Nick Butterworth. I love that the animation really reflects the brilliant artwork. The voice acting is really good with Ed Gaughan as Pootle and Joanna Page playing Oopsy, amongst others.

You can hear Ed and Joanna talking about their characters here:

One of the features of the show is a few brilliant sounds and you can sing along with Eddi's 'Rocket Sprockets' in this clip, which forms one of the extras available on the DVD.

The DVD contains 13 episodes as follows:
1. The Great Space Race
2. Pootle s House Guest
3. Groobie's Spacewash
4. A Day With Ray
5. The Biggest Picture Ever
6. Maurice
7. Rocket Bird Oopsy
8. Flower Power
9. Hitting The High Note
10. The Singing Valley
11. Runaway Rocket
12. Eddi's Hat
13. It Came From Outer Space

It's really excellent value with the DVD currently available for just £7:00 on Amazon. It would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any Q Pootle 5 fan.

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