Red Rose Baby - The First Trimester

12:50 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Today I'm fourteen weeks pregnant with Baby #3 so the first trimester is behind me, not that the last two weeks have felt any different to the weeks prior to them. In all of my pregnancies I've always found those early symptoms to last well into month four or five and Baby #3 is no different. In fact, if anything, the nausea appears to be worsening at the moment. Oh well!

I wanted to take some time to write about my first trimester, not telling my readers until twelve weeks means that I haven't really written about it yet.

I think Baby #3 has seen me very relaxed, a little too relaxed as far as ensuring all of my appointments were met. I booked in with my GP at what I thought was 9 weeks (although it was more like 7.5) to expect the usual process - a scan date and my booking in appointment at my local hospital, followed by my first Community Midwife (CMW) appointment in my local Children's Centre at around sixteen weeks. My GP did briefly mention booking a midwife's appointment but I filed that as 'to do later' as that was the cans during my pregnancy with LM. This led to quite a large amount of confuusion! I received two letters asking me to book a CMW appointment which I then duly did, I then received my scan appointment... the day before I was due to attend it. This was to take place at a healthcare centre, not the hospital and the letter said 'you must see your CMW before this appointment'. My CMW appointment was booked for ten days later than my scan. Oh dear.

In the end I had my scan and my due date was around ten days later than I was anticipating and I had to return, this time to the hospital, for the nuchal fold test the next week. Still before I had seen my CMW. In the end all was well. I saw my lovely CMW two days after my second scan. We have a group of CMWs in our area so I may not see her again for a little while but I know the other CMWs from previous pregnancies so I'm hoping for no-one else new. I won't see her again until 18 weeks now when, apparently, they won't listen for baby's heartbeat. Again, in previous pregnancies I've seen the CMW at 16 weeks and she's listened in then so that's new too.

I can't help thinking that all of this would have been made a little easier if GPs actually took the time to explain the next step following the 'I'm Pregnant' appointment. The system locally had changed completely in my area since LM's birth and I fell in to the trap of thinking it would be exactly the same as previous pregnancies, which led to masses of confusion.

In myself I've been feeling very tired, as can be expected with two little ones to run around after. I've had the usual nausea, as mentioned earlier, and the accompanying loss of appetite familiar from Bud's pregnancy. I'm pleased to have escaped the physical sickness of LM's pregnancy, in fact I've actually only been sick once this time, it's been close many others though. Based on this I'm wondering if bump might be a boy. I've always struggled to eat well during pregnancy, I simply don't want food, and this time I'm finding cheese, tonic water and rice to be foods that always hit the mark. Citrus fruits are a usual favourite that make the list too.

I've been struggling a little with my back and pelvis pain and I'm starting to think about ways to address that. My SPD was severe in LM's pregnancy and I'd hate to repeat it. I know it's not a given that I will get it again so any ideas to avoid it would be gratefully received!

I've been really pleased with the reception from friends and family. I think there's been a clear split between surprise and a complete lack of surprise! People do say the funniest things when you tell them and I've had more than  few people say 'well, it doesn't matter what this baby is as you've got one of each already' and 'I'd have stopped at two as you have a boy and a girl already'. Thanks for that!

All in all I'm very excited about Baby #3 and really pleased to share this pregnancy with my readers. Here's hoping for a smooth, easy six months!