Three is the Magic Number - An Announcement

12:00 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

We have a little announcement to reveal. If you go back through my archive you'll see lots of posts talking about how our little family was complete and that LM would be our final baby. Well, over the Summer Ian and I started to talk about... maybe... not being done.

So, it seems that fate definitely agreed with us as, within a couple of weeks of deciding that we might like to have a third baby, this happened.

Baby #3 Scan Photo

Baby #3 is due in May. We're very excited.  We haven't told Bud and LM yet. Bud because he'll ask endless questions and expect 'today to be the day' for the next seven months. LM is still too little to understand although we will be breaking the news, probably after Christmas and sharing lots of books and stories about the new baby being on the way. 

I'm now almost thirteen weeks pregnant. The first trimester was hard with constant nausea although I managed to escape the sickness that was so debilitating during LM's pregnancy.  The tiredness has been overwhelming this time and I've had to slow down a little. 

The problems I had following LM's birth mean that I'm deemed 'high risk' for this delivery and I won't get the water births I have had for my previous two children. I have a meeting with my consultant in January.

I stopped blogging when I was pregnant with LM but that won't be happening this time. I'm really looking forward to recording and sharing this pregnancy with all of you. It's and exciting time!