Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm, Mill and Barn

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I have fond memories of Weebles, they were a favourite toy when I was a child and one I was keen to share with Bud and LM when they came along. I still remember the 'Weebles wobble but they don't fall down' catchphrase and the fun I used to have with them. In the last couple of years the Weebles have seen a resurgence in popularity with their licensing by Character Toys and new ranges featuring Peppa Pig and now, Weebledown Farm.

Weebledown Farm is a brand new range and one that we first spotted in a New Year trip to one of our local toy stores. The eyecatching range of toys is brand new and, having spotted it, I knew LM would love them. We were recently sent the main toy from the selection - the Wobbily Farm, Mill and Barn - and I was keen to see what she thought of it.

Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm, Mill and Barn

The Weebledown Farm toy include the Wobbily Farm, Mill and Barn set, Wobbily Tractor and Farmer, six different farm animal Weebles which sit on individual pieces of grass and fencing, and three more animals which have their own little vehicle which can be attached to the Tractor. Both Bud and LM are huge fans of farm toys and I knew that they would react well to the Weebles taking up residence in that 'world'.

The Wobbily Farm, Mill and Barn play set is a one piece farm house with additional features of a windmill, slide and roundabout. Included with the building is a Weeble who cannot be bought separately, if you would like to own Rusty the Rooster then you need to buy this set. Straight away I liked this as, with so many character driven ranges you find yourself buying play sets with the same character included over and over again (I'm especially looking at a certain blue engine here), having a unique character included makes me, for one, much more likely to buy a play set.

Rusty the Rooster is a lovely addition to this set. He's rather larger than Weebles from the older style range but this makes him easy to grab for small hands. He's very tough and sturdy and has withstood a good amount of play over the last few days (including being dropped from toddler height) without a scratch. The Weebles are nicely decorated with warm, fun expressions and LM really likes him. I even caught her trying to take him to bed with her the other night.

Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm, Mill and Barn Rusty the Rooster

The Farm, Mill and Barn set is a really robust toy. It measures 35 x 21 x 27.5cm so is a good size for toddler play. I really liked that the design of it is carried all the way around the set which makes it easier for two little ones to play together. There are five main ways of interacting with it -

  • Sliding your Weeble down the big slide which is the central feature 
  • Placing a Weeble on top of the Mill and pressing the milk churn tower to make the windmill sails turn and the Weeble spin around.
  • Putting a Weeble on the weather vane and turning it by hand
  • Sitting a Weeble on the roundabout at the bottom of the slide (you will also find that Weebles which slide down the slide land on this) and pressing the milk churn again to make the roundabout turn.
  • Perch him on the hay bale at the front of the set.
Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm, Mill and Barn Rusty the Rooster

LM got to grips very quickly with this toy. She really enjoyed the different ways to interact with it and has found it very engaging. She has played with it every day since it arrived and I definitely think that we may add a couple more of the Weeble animals to make it even more interesting for her. I have in mind that they may make a cute little Easter treat, especially if we choose one of the sheep or chicken Weebles! With prices starting at £4:99 it is possible to add to this range with pocket money savings. Bud has played with it with his Sister but, at nearly five, there wasn't much here to keep his attention and he tired of it after working out exactly what it did and how. I would say that the age range of 18m+ is perfect for this toy and I would say it would hold the attention of children aged up to around three or three and a half.

The Wobbily Farm, Mill and Barn Playset retails at £29:99 which I do think is on the expensive side, that said, LM has really loved this toy and I think that, as the basis for a collection of farm toys that can be added to in future it is reasonable value for money. I can't see us being able to walk past the Weebledown Farm range in our local toy shop on our next visit without adding a new friend for Rusty the Rooster.

Weebledown Farm toys are available from Character Online and all good toy stores.

Disclosure: We received this toy for review purposes.