Beautiful New Baby Gifts from the Baby Box Company

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New baby gifts can be tricky, especially for those who don't have much experience with newborns but who want to buy something a little more personal than a gift voucher for the nearest baby chain store. The boxed gift market is really expanding and I think it's a concept that works really well for new baby gifts so I was delighted to be invited to try out a gift from The Baby Box Company.

Beautiful New Baby Gifts from the Baby Box Company

The Baby Box Company sell a range of pre-selected boxed gifts and also have the option to make up your own gift, choosing from their range of products incorporating some gorgeous, and some of my favourite baby brands. Helpfully the pre-selected boxes are available in three sizes - according to price, and split into categories based on their contents - Luxury, Fab and Funky, Really Useful, Pure White and Twins. All of the boxes include products for both baby and their mum, which I think is a lovely touch as mum can often be forgotten about in those newborn days. If you opt to create your own box you can choose from the wide range of baby clothes, accessories, toys and treats for mum. 

Beautiful New Baby Gifts from the Baby Box Company Medium Pure White Box

We were invited to choose a box for review and selected the Pure White - Medium Box, which is sold at £25. The contents of this include a white bodysuit printed with a little dog (from their own range), a plain white knotted hat and two white muslin clothes (from the same range), a pair of white Sock Ons, a trio of BeeFayre Bluebell Scented tealights and a set of bath creamers (again from their own range). The gift arrived beautifully presented in a plain cardboard box tied up with bright red ribbon.

Beautiful New Baby Gifts from the Baby Box Company - Pure White Medium Box

I was really delighted with the contents of the Pure White box. I love white baby clothes on newborns and the funky dog design adds a little extra to the bodysuit. Sock Ons are a favourite, and trusted brand in our house and I've used them for both Bud and LM over the last few years. The Mum treats are so beautifully scented that the whole box was fragranced with lavender when it arrived, which just added to the pleasure of the gift. I'm going to be using the tealights and bath creamers over the next few weeks to relax with before Bump arrives. I think it's excellent value for money and a gift where you will use everything included is quite rare but very well received.

Beautiful New Baby Gifts from the Baby Box Company - Pure White Medium Box Contents

If Pure White isn't for you can find some bright and colourful products in the ranges on offer with both Maxomorra and Toby Tiger (two of my absolute favourites) featuring in the baby options, alongside gorgeous printed muslins from Aden & Anais. You can spend as little or as much as you like on the create your own box option and I think receiving one would make most families happy.

I'm so pleased with the gift we received from The Baby Box Company and I've stashed everything away for the arrival of Red Rose Baby. I'll even re-use the packaging box (not as the helpful suggestion of a baby sensory box included with the gift) but as somewhere to keep all of those tiny bits and pieces that newborns need. I would definitely recommend the range if you're looking for a newborn gift, especially if you are planning to post one. 

You can find The Baby Box Company on their website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Disclosure: We received the gift for review purposes.