Easy Easter Ribbon Cards

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This month's Bostik Craft Bloggers Box saw us challenged with creating an Easter craft, I have to confess to struggling for inspiration but the inclusion of some pretty ribbon finally gave me the idea I needed.

Easy Easter Ribbon Greeting Card Craft

You will need:
A sheet of A4 card
Lengths of ribbon
Bostik Glu Pen
Stickers to decorate if required

Easy Easter Ribbon Greeting Card Craft

1. Fold your card into four and press firmly to get a clean fold.

2. Draw an egg shape on to the front of your card.

3. Carefully cut out the egg shape by piercing the centre of the egg then cutting inside the outline.

4. Cut your ribbon into lengths small enough to fill the space of the cut out egg.

5. Fold out your card then stick the ribbon behind the cut out so it covers the whole space. I think it's nice to have a few different colours and textures of ribbon and to alternate these as you fill the space.

6. Glue around the inside of the card then press down the cover firmly to seal it.

Easy Easter Ribbon Greeting Card Craft

6. Decorate with stickers if required, this is handy to cover any untidy cutting on your outline.

Easy Easter Ribbon Greeting Card Craft

You may notice a little spotting before the glue dries, this will usually dry clear though.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Bostik Craft Bloggers Network and was supplied with a box of craft materials for this post.