Preparing for a Dinosaur Themed Fifth Birthday

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Bud is five in less than a month and is already incredibly excited. Having attended a few of his classmates' birthday parties this year he is super excited to be planning his own birthday party and having his friends attend. As far as Bud is concerned there is only one theme for his birthday party - Dinosaurs of course!

First up the gifts. Bud has been asking for Dinosaur Train Action Figures since before Christmas, I was thinking that his interests might have moved on by now but he's still mad about the antics of Bud, Tiny, Shiny and Don so we've bought him a few of the toys from the range. They all talk and interact with each other which means that you need to buy more than one to get the full enjoyment from the toys. They look like great fun and I'm sure Bud, and LM will enjoy them very much.

Dinosaur Train Interactive Toys
As far as the party is concerned we have lots of exciting fun and games planned. Bud really wants to pin the tail on the T-Rex so I'm going to be looking for a poster and making a tail to pin on. I've been browsing for more ideas and came across this fab post from In the Playroom which is packed with Dinosaur Party Ideas.

We're thinking about setting up a sand pit with some toy dinosaurs mixed into the sand and supplying the children with sand tools so they can dig for the dinosaurs themselves. Bud has also requested a bouncy castle and we've told him probably not so he has a super surprise coming!

Preparing for a Dinosaur Themed Fifth Birthday DIY Dinosaur Fossils

I love the idea of these DIY Dinosaur Fossils from Teaching Mama, I think they would be a great party activity and one that the children could take home with them afterwards. As we won't be able to bake biscuits at the party I'm thinking playdough would be a good material for them to use.

Bud would like a Dinosaur Train cake for his party. I generally make my children's birthday cakes myself so this is going to present something of a challenge. I'm thinking of a four carriage train and making them look like the carriages on the cartoon train. I'll buy some of the small Dinosaur Train figures to pop in to the carriages and Bud will be able to play with them later. If this doesn't work out then Spaceships and Laser Beams has a fab round up of Dinosaur birthday cakes, some of which look a little easier than the train idea.

Preparing for a Dinosaur Themed Fifth Birthday - Dinosaur Veggies

Obviously party food will have to be Dinosaur themed too and I've been scouring the internet for ideas. These Dinosaur Veggies from Don't Panic, Mom look great and will encourage kids to eat some veggies in amongst the party treats.

We're so excited about Bud's party and I'm hoping he has a wonderful time.

Do you have any ideas to make a Dinosaur birthday go with a ROOOAAAARRRR?

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