Quick and Easy Mother's Day Bookmarks and Plant Markers

11:56 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

I've been crafting with our toddler group again this week and the brief was for a quick and easy 'take home make' for the little ones to give to their mummies on Mother's Day. These little things are super easy and quick to make and can be used as either bookmarks or plant markers and are guaranteed to put a smile on any Mum's face.

Quick and Easy Mother's Day Bookmarks and Plant Markers Toddler Craft

You will need:
Coloured lollipop sticks
Stickers, we used foam stickers but non-foam is fine too. You will need to make sure that the stickers have at least two the same size available. Any style is fine, but we loved the Spring flowers and butterflies from Baker Ross.

This craft couldn't be more simple. Simply stick your sticker at the end of the lollipop stick, then put another one the same size back to back with it.

The stickers don't actually have to be at the end. If you had animal or bird stickers you could put them side on so they look like they are perching or walking along the stick.

If you're giving a plant gift you could write the name of the plant on to the marker in black marker pen to really personalise this gift, your little one could even use the same stickers to decorate the pot.