Topsy and Tim Dressing Up DVD

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When Topsy and Tim landed on cBeebies a couple of years ago I was really pleased to share it with Bud and LM. I remember reading the books when I was a child and we've added a few to their collection too. We loved the first series and eagerly awaited the chance to see Topsy and Tim's new home as they moved at the start of the second series.

Topsy and Tim Dressing Up DVD

Abbey Kids have now brought Topsy and Tim to DVD and this newest release sees the twins featuring in 89 minutes of adventures, across eight different episodes - New Clothes, Big Box, Twin Twins, The Play, Old Toys, Dressing Up, Growing Sunflowers and Baby Jack. Each one sees the twins puzzle out a new situation in the way only five year olds can.

The DVD arrives with a reward chart and stickers included, which encourage little ones to be kind to their friends and say please and thank you, amongst other actions. The chart is bright an colourful and a great way of promoting good behaviour alongside the DVD.

Both Bud and LM have really enjoyed watching Topsy and Tim  Dressing Up, it works well as both an introduction to the show and a way for fans to watch a few episodes at a time. We really love the theme tune and, be warned, you will probably find yourself humming along with it long after the DVD is finished!

Topsy and Tim Dressing Up is now on general release and is available from all usual stockists, including Amazon. We would definitely recommend adding it to your collection.

Disclosure: We received the DVD for review purposes. Contains affiliate link.