Red Rose Baby - 38 Weeks Update

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As I write I'm 38 weeks pregnant and the end is firmly in sight. With less than two weeks to go until my Estimated Due Date, a date I've always felt was rather generous and later than I think I'm due, I feel like it could be any time!

The two weeks since my previous update have passed quietly. My SPD has returned with a vengeance and, to be honest, just walking the school run has been a massive exertion. I was so pleased that Bud had only three days in school this week, and on one evening went to a friend's for tea. Only having the afternoon school run twice was bliss.

LM's behaviour has been a little challenging this week, I'm not sure if that's because she senses the impending change for us all or for some other reason but parenting her has been difficult this week. She had the most epic temper tantrum on Friday because I wanted her to wear a puddle suit. Apparently that didn't match her sartorial standards and, let's just say, we were almost late for school and leave it at that!

I saw the midwife again on Thursday and, beyond a little protein (nothing serious) she was happy with our progress. Baby is very firmly head down and deep in my pelvis. I knew this from how awkward walking is! I'm booked in again for my due date but we both think that I may not need that appointment. I'll be very surprised to still be pregnant then I think.

I think we're all set for baby's arrival now. Our SnuzPod has arrived and Ian will be building it in the next couple of days. I can't wait to use it with Red Rose Baby, I really feel that it will make those night feeds easier and I'll be sure to tell you how we're getting on with it.

The nicest thing to have happened recently is the lovely surprise Baby Shower that some of my best blogging friends threw for me yesterday. Karen from That Lancashire Lass, Jen from My Mummy's Pennies, Jenny from The Brick Castle and Sim from Sim's Life teamed up to give me a lovely little party at Karen's house and it was so nice to have time to sit and chat with them before baby arrives. Red Rose Baby and I were really spoiled with some lovely gifts too. Sim made an epic Red Velvet cake, and we played Baby Bingo. I also have all of their predictions for baby's date of arrival, weight and sex. We will see who is closest!

Red Rose Baby - 38 Weeks Update Baby Shower

This might be my final Bump Shot on the blog. My bump is still really round and I've had the 'basketball' comment a few times. The pictures above show me front on, I've been trying to get a decent one for a while. I still feel smaller than I did with Bud and LM and I'll be interested to see what this baby weighs. I'm still measuring spot on for dates and, while this isn't the most exact science, I was measuring big with both LM and Bud at the end of my pregnancies with them. Despite the discomfort of SPD, this baby definitely feels smaller.

Red Rose Baby - 38 Weeks Update

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