Preparing to Potty Train with Huggies Pull Ups

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LM is reaching the age where potty training is surely necessary and we're about to embark upon that journey with her. We've been trying for some time to get her interested and involved but she is taking a little persuading. I've now been offered help from a source who are experts in the field and I'm delighted to announce that LM and I are going to be Huggies Pull Ups ambassadors for the forthcoming year.

LM is a Huggies Pull Ups Ambassador

Huggies Pull-Ups know exactly what they are doing on the potty training front and their Pull-Ups are the only disposable potty training pants currently available that are specifically designed to make potty training easier. They are a pant which allows your child to pull them up and down and sit on the potty, but will keep them dry in the event of an accident too. They are tailored especially for girls and boys and for day and night time. Their Disney® graphics with their bright colours and characters are designed to attract little ones, make learning fun and encourage independence.

Huggies Pull Ups have new features designed to make potty training easier. The daytime Pull Ups now include a Learning Liner which allows the child to feel the wetness for a few moments to help them learn the difference between dry and wet and to help them work towards staying dry themselves. Pull-Ups Night-Time provide extra absorbency and increased protection during the night without having to revert back to nappies and means your child can use the stretchy sides to pull them up and down on their own.

Huggies Pull Ups Potty Training Pants

LM has now been wearing Pull Ups for a couple of weeks and refuses to wear her old nappies now. She loves to see Minnie and Cinderella on the front of her Pull Ups and I can easily check if she has wee'd using the panel which acts as a wetness indicator for her. She's not quite ready to use the potty at the moment and it's main purpose is being used as a seat or a source of amusement at the moment. I am keen to try and get her trained over the Summer but LM is incredibly strong willed and can't be persuaded to do anything she doesn't want to!

Huggies Pull Ups Potty Training Pants

I'm confident that Huggies Pull Ups are the perfect partner for us over the coming months and I'm looking forward to sharing our potty training journey with you all.

If you're starting Potty Training, or doing it at the moment check out for lots of expert help and advice. You can even request a free sample pack to try Huggies Pull Up Pants with your toddler.