Dora & Friends Toys and #DoraSingalong Fun This Summer

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LM has developed something of an obsession over the past few months, in the way almost three year olds do, and the target of her affections has been Dora and Friends, the animated series on Nick Jr. When we heard about the new range of Dora and Friends toys from Fisher Price I knew that she would be super excited and I was completely right. We've been sent a selection of the range of toys and LM has been really happy with all of them.

The new range includes a variety of Dora themed toys. For those not in the know, Dora and Friends sees the character Dora the Explorer grow up and move to the city where she makes a new group of her friends and uses her magic charm bracelet and smartphone Map App to help on their adventures.

The range includes dolls, charm bracelets and a smartphone just like Dora's. First up is the Chat With Me Dora Doll (RRP £29:99), the largest doll in the range. Dora arrives with her own smartphone for you to use. If you press the flower on her dress she speaks and sings songs from the TV Show.

Chat With Me Dora Doll Fisher Price Dora and Friends

Dora Magic Charm Bracelet (RRP £9:99) This bracelet is just like Dora's and you can see charms featuring her and all of her friends on there. It also has spaces to add additional charms which are supplied inside the pack and with other toys in the range. LM loved being able to wear a bracelet just like Dora's and enjoys being able to swap over the charms. The bracelet comes with five additional charms - a roller skate, horse, rainbow, star and hot air balloon - which will  help to fill up the charm bracelet.

Dora and Friends Magic Charm Bracelet

Magic Adventure Charms (RRP £7:99) Another charm bracelet features in these packs, alongside a small doll and three more charms which can be mixed and matched across the range.We received a mini Dora and a pink bracelet,dog, camera and bag charm. These are a real bargain and I think would make great little birthday party gifts. LM loves mixing all of the different charms together across the various toys,

Dora and Friends Magic Adventure Charms

Dora and Friends Dolls (RRP £10:99) LM loves her dollies and I knew she'd be delighted with these dolls as soon as we opened the pack. Dressed in outfits related to a particular episode of the show we received Dora and Alana in their Doggy Day clothes. The dolls are really lovely, definitely little girls rather than fashion dolls and with clothes and shoe that can be removed and replaced and hair that can be styled. They are the perfect introduction to this style of doll for little girls and LM loves them. Dora and Alana have been pretty much everywhere with her since they arrived and she loves brushing their hair and taking their shoes off. Each doll arrives with another charm for the bracelet sets too. I can definitely see us adding a couple more of the dolls to LM's collection when her birthday arrives in a few weeks. She loves Neiya so that one will be on her list.

Dora and Friends Dolls Dora and Alana

Dora Talk & Play Smartphone (RRP £9:99) This, alongside the dolls, has been LM's favourite of the toys. She loves a toy phone and this, despite the pink and purple colour scheme, seems a little more realistic than many toy phones. LM loves pressing the 'touch screen' and hearing the phrases and songs from the show, and watching the lights flash. It's been a huge hit here and LM constantly says it is 'just like Dora's'. Perfect for pretend play. The touch screen flicks between Dora, a key pad and a picture of all of the friends together.

Dora and Friends Talk & Play Smartphone

The whole range of Dora and Friends toys is available at Smyth's Toys.

 Nick Jr Singalong Summer Dora and Friends

Dora and Friends are going on tour this Summer to promote the Nick Jr Singalong Summer  which is on your TV screens right now. The roadshow will be visiting Smyth's Toys stores over the next few weeks with a Singalong booth and character appearances at selected stores and Sky stands as follows:

Symths Toys
  • Waterfields Retail Park, Watford (Dora Costume Character)  – 27th July
  • Westwood Cross Shopping Park, Thanet  – 28th July
  • St. David’s Retail Park, Swansea – 29th July
  • Crown Retail Park, Leeds (Dora Costume Character) – 31st July
  • Clifton Moor Retail Park, York (Costume Character) – 3rd August
  • Ravenhead Retail Park, St.Helens  – 5th August
  • Halls Mill Retail Park, Bury – 6th August
  • Middle Engine Lane, Wallsend – 10th August
  • Glasgow Fort Shopping Park, Glasgow (Costume Character) – 12th August
  • Beach Boulevard, Aberdeen (Costume Character) – 14th August
Sky stands
  • Brent Cross, London – 18th-19th July
  • Centre MK, Milton Keynes – 25th– 26th July
  • White Rose, Leeds  – 1st– 2ndAugust
  • Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle  – 8th– 9th August
  • Bon Accord, Aberdeen – 15th– 16th August
We're hoping to visit the Bury store next week.

 Nick Jr Singalong Summer Dora and Friends

Twitter Frenzy
Tomorrow, 27th July 2015 from 11am - 12 noon, the Nick Jr Singalong Summer will be taking over the @ukmumstv Twitter account. There will be masses of singalong fun and lots of prizes to be won. Check out #SingalongFun to join in with all of the excitement. I'll be there!

To find out more about the different events check out UK Mums TV.
Will you be joining in with the Singalong Summer?