Our Dream Home Improvements

15:25 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

There's so much I'd like to change about our home. While I love where we live - it's close to family and friends, Bud's school, LM's future nursery, our toddler group and local amenities -our house could do with significant improvement to make it into our real dream house though.

Firstly I would love an extension. We have a large back garden so, if we were to build out into it, we wouldn't lose too much space. Ideally we would be able to extend on two levels but we have a semi-detached house and I suspect that we wouldn't get planning permission for this. A single storey extension would still work though and I'd love the chance to open up a large kitchen-diner space with room to eat as a family, entertain and a play area for the children.

Photo Credit: Studio Urban Blu/Homify

If an extension wasn't possible then I definitely think we would consider a conservatory on the rear of our property. The rear of our home is south-facing so a glass conservatory would create extra space and somewhere for the children to play, while flooding the back of our ground floor with light on the rare sunny days we get up North!

I struggle to carve out space to work and keep all my bits and pieces organised and I've been looking at wooden Summerhouses for the garden. I love the idea of having a little corner all to myself and I'm sure I would be able to be more organised that way. Knowing my children they would find a way to colonise it quite easily though! My dream Summerhouse would be painted Duck Egg Blue and have a gorgeous desk and chair, alongside some storage to keep all my files exactly where they should be. I'd make it the centre or all of the Garden Ideas I have in mind for our outside space.

Garden Summerhouse
Photo Credit: Garden Affairs Ltd/Homify

Smaller jobs that we really need to think about sooner rather than later include new windows, ours have hideous fake leading on them and we still haven't got around to replacing them in the five years we have lived here. Our current windows are still sound so it's hard to justify the cost until they need replacing.

I'd love to have shelves built into the sides of our chimney breast at some point. Custom made shelving would utilise the space so much more efficiently and mean that we could add our television and media boxes to them, freeing up some space in our lounge. I love the idea of having shelves which exactly fit DVDs and books, it would look so neat! Storage is generally an issue in our home so I'm always on the look out for clever ways to deal with this. I think these shelves would be perfect.

What are your dream home improvements?