The Ugglys Pet Store

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Bud is a huge fan of the Ugglys and, while their appearance definitely lives up to their name, I can totally understand the attraction of these funny looking pets. Recently he received the Ugglys Pet Store for review and was rather excited to see it.

Ugglys Pet Store

Ugglys are a range of toys which feature some curious looking pets! They are available in blind bags, and now in their own 'Gross Home' which is where the pet store fits in to the range. The Gross Homes are different to blind bags in that you can see which pet you are buying and those featured in the range are exclusive to it. You can still purchase the blind bags (they are actually in the form of bins) but, for a child who might get upset about the risk of repeats, or have no-one to swap them with, the Gross Homes might be a better option.

The Ugglys Pet Store Blog Review

The packaging for the Ugglys Pet Store is a little deceptive, in that, it shows four 'homes' but, when you open the packet you will realise two of them are made of cardboard and for display only. This may upset some children if they don't notice in advance but Bud wasn't bothered. The Pet Store breaks up into three pieces. the base, a Gross Home for the exclusive to this set figure 'Manic Monkey' and a roof. This makes a one tier Pet Store but, if you buy more Gross Homes you can make the Pet Store larger by stacking them and replacing the roof. The Gross Homes have a door to place your Uggly behind and all make their own 'gross sound'. Obviously Bud likes this much more than I do!

The Ugglys Pet Store Blog Review

Bud is really pleased with this toy. He loves to collect and Ugglys have been a popular toy with us for a while. I think we may add a couple of the Gross Homes to his stocking at Christmas as they are the perfect size for this purpose and he has mentioned buiding the Pet Store larger a few times.

The Ugglys Pet Store is available from all usual outlets, with an RRP of £12:99.

The toy was received for review purposes