Red Rose Baby - Little E is Three Months Old

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I'm a little late with this update on tiny boy but he's now hit three months. I always find that a bit of a milestone. The newborn days are behind us now and he's into the baby days properly.

Little E is Three Months Old

Little E is an absolute delight. I know everyone thinks that their baby is but he's a happy, smiley little ray of sunshine and we all adore him. He really does have a winning smile and he shares it with everyone who cares to make eye contact with him, especially if they talk to him.

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He had his first set of jabs this month and breezed through them. I'm anticipating a more torrid time with his next set as he will receive the new Meningitis B vaccination then. At ten weeks he started sleeping through the night. He will sleep from around 11pm to around 7am most nights. I was a bit shocked by this as I thought his sister was a one off. She slept through the same at around five weeks, something that everyone tells me is unusual in breastfed babies, but I seem to have been lucky enough to get another great sleeper. Both have done much better than Bud ever did - he didn't sleep through until he was nine months old and was a year old before he managed it consistently! Little E is feeding well and gaining weight, I haven't taken him to the clinic to be weighed but he was around fourteen pounds at twelve weeks (based on the highly unscientific scales trick).

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Family life has settled down a little with the school holidays in full force but three is still something of a shock. A couple of friends told me that going from two children to three was hard but I underestimated how hard it truly is. There's been so many occasions when I have felt the need to split myself into two or three, Bud or LM will need something and Little E will be crying, or I will be feeding him and LM will be trying to sit on my lap at the same time. Sometimes she will cry because I can't give her the attention she needs at that particular moment which is really difficult.

We've had a few adventures in August, including Little E's first festival and museum visit. I'm finding it difficult to get out with all three children on my own so we try to fit as much in to Ian's time off as we can.

Little E loves his siblings. They see his biggest grins and the cause of the excited wriggles that are so sweet. He's not rolling over yet but I don't think it will be too long. He's a big baby and I think they are often slower. If I leave him in one place he won't be in the same position when I return and seems to move imperceptibly across his play mat. He's strong and pushes through his feet if you hold him upright, I think he may be an early walker but we will see, not too early I hope!