The Power of Fragrance - Deeper Sleeper With Sealy UK

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I've recently been approached to join the Sealy UK Deeper Sleeper Panel and this just might be the perfect opportunity for me. I've struggled with episodes of bad sleep since I was about fourteen years old. As soon as there is something on my mind the insomnia begins, I struggle to get to sleep horribly. There is nothing more frustrating than being the only person awake in a house of four other sleeping people.Little E now sleeps through most of the time. I've never had a problem with night feeds (there are some advantages to the years of broken sleep) but I do rather resent being awake with a snoring baby beside me.

The Power of Fragrance - Deeper Sleeper With Sealy UK

I've now joined the Deeper Sleeper Panel and Sealy UK are sending me a parcel each month to see if they can help me to improve my sleep. This month's parcel was themed around fragrance and essential oils and I received the following items:
  • Babyblooms Relaxation Candle
  • Tisserand Sweet Dreams Roller Ball
  • Jacob Hooy Lavender Incense Sticks
  • Mohdoh Mouldable Aromatic Dough
The Power of Fragrance - Deeper Sleeper With Sealy UK

Babyblooms are a company I am familiar with from their gorgeous baby products. It's a really simply, classically designed candle with a a neat lid to keep it tidy,, It is fragranced with geranium, orange, lavender and ylang ylang and this combines to form a delicate floral scent which was actually quite addictive. I kept smelling it when it wasn't lit and I found the scent to be even stronger. It was lighter when the candle was lit.

I've been using Tisserand aromatherapy products for many years and their roller balls are one of the most convenient ways to use them. The Sweet Dreams range is a blend of Sandalwood, Cedar and Lavender which you dot on your pulse points. I loved the fragrance of it and found it really relaxing to smell it on my wrists as I fell asleep. I've got into the habit of using it at bedtime every night. I'm not sure if it is actually helping me to sleep but I do find the fragrance calming and centring.

I've been a fan of incense sticks since my teen years when my Dad used to complain about me burning them in my bedroom but I haven't used them for some time. I loved the familiar ritual of finding a holder and lighting the incense stick and the lavender fragrance was really pleasant. The only thing with this was that I was a little worried about burning the incense around the children but it waited until they were in bed. The fragrance was quite gentle but Lavender is one of my favourite scents and I loved the aroma.

My favourite of all the products was one that was completely new to me - Mohdoh Mouldable Aromatic Dough. Objectively I thought that this was a  little silly but I was really impressed when I began using it. It's presented in a plastic jar and you get a hit of the lavender scent when you open the jar. You can then take out the dough and play with it in your hands. I always find myself reaching for the children's playdough when they have it out and it's that simple, automatic action to roll it in your hands and between your fingertips. As you do this the dough's aroma is released further and it's really lovely. Playing with the dough is relaxing in itself and the fragrance adds to the experience. I've even found myself reaching for it when I've been having stressful days for a few moments of calm and peace. 

I'm not sure if the products have helped me to sleep better but I know that they have helped me to relax both at bedtime and at other times of day. I've always been affected positively by fragrance and am a firm believer in aromatherapy and the power of scents and this month's Deeper Sleeper parcel has really allowed me to reconnect with that as it's something I have not had chance to think about much recently. It's made me think about fragrance in my home and I will be purchasing more of the Mohdoh for myself and as a gift for friends. I've realised that taking a few seconds to apply the rollerball or play with the Mohdoh is great for my stress levels throughout my day, not just when I go to bed.