Sleep versus Cuddles

14:34 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

With three children under six years old the importance of sleep to me is obvious but it's all too easy to not invest the effort in seeking this most precious commodity. We see at the benefits of a good night's sleep and then often don't really put enough effort into getting one, whether intentionally or due to other commitments we may have.  I wonder if there are any physical things we can do to increase our sleep time and the quality of sleep such as investing in new bedroom furniture? Does your sleeping position actually matter? 

The benefits of sleep are clear. It is good for your health and appearance, boosts your immune system and helps your mind process the day. It is free and when you you're asleep you can avoid speeding tickets, parking tickets, bad weather, rubbish TV and all of the other irritants of waking life. Too much sleep and you can become groggy and severely restrict the actual time that you have to get things done. 

There are so many sleep positions that you may find yourself in, many of which are named, like ‘The Classic Spoon’, ‘The Chase’ and Nuzzling’. These all relate to sleeping with your partner (if you have one) and they may be willing to be close to you or seek space away from you. Before you consult a marriage counsellor if your partner is far away from you this could simply be a sign that:they are not sleeping well at the moment or that they value sleep over physical contact or intimacy at that point in time. Tiredness and a good night's sleep definitely beats snuggling up while we sleep in our house! 

What does your sleeping position say about your relationship? If an uncomfortable bed is proving to be the stumbling block then BedStar have a range of solutions available – maybe you want to sleep apart but your bed is that saggy in the middle that gravity always forces you together. As a rule of thumb the more children you have the greater you sleep apart as the space in the middle is quickly filled with your children as mini bed invaders sieze every opportunity to snuggle up with Mummy and Daddy . Tired parents can easily fall into the trap of letting them sleep in the middle as ‘anything for an easy life', or share their bed willingly if they choose to co-sleep, especially when they children are small. 

The solution could be a better bed for you, or a more exciting bed for your child, such as a bunk bed or character based one. Long lasting couples will intuitively balance the need for intimacy with the need to sleep as well as the extra factor of the sprawling limbs of your children. Good luck and sweet dreams!

Written by Amy Brown