Win Amazing Football Prizes with Barclays

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Football is a current craze in our house and I couldn't be more excited. Bud, newly six years old, has been receiving football coaching in school and is loving every second of it. The sport resonates throughout our family, from my Grandad, who used to help carry the away team kit into Burnden Park (the former home of Bolton Wanderers) as this was the only way he could afford to see the game, to my Dad who refereed grass roots level football and has visited about two thirds of the nations' football ground following Bolton around the country. Both Ian and I have been football fans all of our lives so encouraging a love of the sport in our children was a given.

As you can see, we always have a football with us when we're in the park or on a day out and Bud and LM love having a kick around with us.

As a family which understands how much work goes into football, at all levels, I'm always pleased to see a company which is committed to supporting football, both at community and professional level. Since 2004 Barclays have been the title sponsor for the highest level of English football - the Barclays Premier League - but, what you may not know is that they  made a commitment to the Football Foundation charity when they became sponsors and, since then, they have invested over £40 million in creating Barclays Spaces for Sports. This has allowed the creation of over 200 sports sites, many of which are in more deprived areas. We have 8 within 10 miles of our home and it's fantastic to see my local community benefiting from this funding.

Barclays have encouraged football clubs to become involved in their community by developing employability programmes through their Barclays Premier League Works, and 17 clubs now offer support to help young people get training and become ready for work.

To celebrate their continued investment in football Barclays have created an amazing competition which will allow the chance to win one of 15 'money can't buy' football experiences. I know Bud would adore the chance to show off the Premier League trophy at school so we're definitely going to be entering that competition when it is open.

The current competition offers a lucky winner the chance to present the Barclays Premier League trophy to the champions. Whether it's your club in line to win or not this is an amazing prize, placing you right at the heart of sporting history!

If you'd like the chance to win one of these amazing prizes...

It could be you handing the trophy over to the champions! Keep checking the website for new competitions and the regular ticket giveaways too.

In collaboration with Barclays.