Casdon Little Shopper Supermarket Till - Review

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LM is a huge fan of imaginative play and loves to pretend she is cleaning, working or shopping. Recently she was sent a Supermarket till from the Little Shopper range by Casdon. We know the Casdon range quite well and have always found their role play toys to be great for children to explore.

The Casdon Little Shopper range includes the Supermarket Till in a selection of retail-themed toys which allow children to explore all aspects of the shopping process. We own the Casdon Post Office and Sweet Shop already so a new, electronic till was the perfect accompaniment for these toys.

Casdon Little Shopper Supermarket Till - Blog Review

The Supermarket Till is really up to date and includes a chip and pin terminal with credit card, microphone, bar code reader and an electronic display which works as a calculator. It also includes a selection of play food which is perfect for setting up your own little shop.

LM has engaged with this toy brilliantly. She absolutely loves 'playing shop' and has had us all queuing up to buy our groceries from her. The microphone may well be her favourite part and she's always shouting her brother to the tills or 'clean up on aisle 3', I think her Daddy is responsible for that one!

Casdon Little Shopper Supermarket Till - Blog Review

The till has a good range of electronic sounds which are attached to each of the buttons on the keypad. There are buttons corresponding to each major food group which is brilliant for children who aren't reading yet. LM is learning her numbers at the moment and we've been practising them using the keypad. She loves being able to find each number she is asked for.

Bud has been learning about money at school this term so the plastic money included with the till has been of great interest to him. He's been using the till in a much more mathematical way to his younger sister and has been enjoying making change from the notes using the coins. A great way to reinforce learning outside the classroom.

Casdon Little Shopper Supermarket Till - Blog Review

We're huge fans of the Casdon range, they are the perfect toys for children who are curious about the world and want to understand the behaviour of adults through play. They have an excellent level of detail which allows children to feel like they are really replicating that behaviour and helps them to understand it too. The Supermarket Till is really well constructed and excellent quality. I think it's going to be played with for a long time in our house.

The Casdon Supermarket Till requires 3xAA batteries which aren't supplied. It is available from all usual stockists, priced at around £15.

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We received the till for review purposes