Kinetic Sand Crash 'Em Cars - Review

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We've been familiar with Kinetic Sand for some time in out house and both Bud and LM love playing and moulding with the creative substance that feels like sand but behaves more like mouldable dough. It's special mixture of sand and silica oil means that it stays together, is easy to clean up and it's so tactile that it's difficult to keep your hands off it when it is nearby.
Kinetic Sand Crash 'Em Cars - Blog Review

We've had the basic Kinetic Sand playset for a while so Bud was delighted to see that they had added new sets to the range recently, and even more delighted when we were sent the Kinetic Sand Crash 'Em Cars for review.
Kinetic Sand Crash 'Em Cars - Blog  Review

When you open the box you find two bags of kinetic sand (one blue, one red) and the moulds to create two different cars to race and crash. The box itself opens up to find a raceway and there are also two ramps and a scoreboard to decorate it.
Kinetic Sand Crash 'Em Cars - Blog  Review

Making the cars is quite simple, especially if you're familiar with Kinetic Sand already. Simply choose base, car body, spoiler, engine and driver, fill them with the sand, tip them out with a gentle tap and put your car together. There is lots of detail on the mould, you can even fill in the wheels on the car's body. You can also build sand cones to provide some obstacles.
Kinetic Sand Crash 'Em Cars - Blog  Review

Once complete your cars are ready to race and then the only limit is your imagination. You can race them, smash them into each other, the box or the cones, LM got involved and the children have returned to this set again and again since it arrived. It's a really fun way to combine the creativity of building and moulding with a toy that you can properly play with, rather than just showing people what you have made. You will find the blue and red start to mix colours but, luckily, when well mixed this gives a deep purple instead of the sludge brown you get with other craft substances. I hate mixing colours like this but the purple really is fine and didn't put me off too much!
Kinetic Sand Crash 'Em Cars - Blog  Review

If you're anything like me you may well find yourself playing with the Kinetic Sand after the children in bed, just as they love it, I find it's tactile nature quite relaxing to play with too. I can see the expanded range of Kinetic Sand being incredibly popular this year. This set is available from all good toy shops at around £14:99. For more information visit Spinmaster Toys.

We were provided with the toy for review purposes.