The Original Stretch Armstrong - Review

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I have faint memories of Stretch Armstrong from my childhood in the early 80s so I was rather surprised to find out that he has returned to stores for brand new adventures recently! Bud received his very own Stretch Armstrong and we've been having lots of fun testing him out.
Original Stretch Armstrong Box Blog Review

Stretch Armstrong arrives in a sturdy cardboard box which promises that he can stretch up to four times his size! Bud was rather intrigued by this and very keen to try him out.

Stretch measures about 30cm tall and has a rubbery body which feels rather strange! He looks like a mini wrestler with his muscles and dark trunks. I'd describe it as a dough-y texture, if you poke him it will leave a finger mark and, of course, you can mould and stretch the figure by pulling on his arms and legs.
Stretching Stretch Armstrong doll blog review

Fresh from the box Stretch isn't as stretchy as you would expect but he loosens up as he is played with and really starts to stretch. Bud had so much fun playing with him and he quickly realised that he could stretch the figure, tie him in knots and generally do lots of crazy things with Stretch Armstrong, knowing that he would ping back to his normal size again straight after. Very funny!
Stretching Stretch Armstrong doll review blog

I'd really recommend reading the Stretch Armstrong instructions quite carefully as he can be damaged and these show how to fix him, should that occur. We've had no problems beyond him getting a little dirty and sticky from playing in the garden and we solved this with a quick wipe from a damp cloth.
Stretching Stretch Armstrong doll review blog

I was surprised by how much fun we had with Stretch Armstrong and Bud has taken him on a couple of playdates since he arrived as his  Sister tends to just fall over when they play tug of war. Having friends who are just as strong really helps!
Stretching Stretch Armstrong doll review

Stretch Armstrong has an RRP of £19:99 and can be purchased from Character Online.