Lalaloopsy Storm E Sky - Review

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LM has loved the Lalaloopsy range for some time and now owns a few of the large dolls, however, one of her only issues with these pretty girls is that their hair is plastic. Imagine her delight when she was recently sent out a brand new Storm E Sky doll with real purple hair to play with!
Lalaloopsy Storm E Sky - Review Real hair doll

Storm E Sky is a recent addition to the Lalaloopsy kingdom. She joined last year and loves music and is a real rock chick, this is echoed in her funky purple hair and edgy leather jacket and tutu! LM was also sent some festival essentials to enjoy with her dolly - a beautiful rainbow tutu, some glitter gel, a flower headband and inflatable guitar! She was sewn on July 29th, LM loves knowing when her doll's birthdays are so she can sing to them.
Lalaloopsy Storm E Sky - Review real hair doll

The doll arrives with her own pet cat, ribbon and hairbrush - perfect for little ones to get styling the hair. Storm E Sky's hair arrives in two purple nets which are exactly the same colour as her hair. LM decided to leave these on so she can have matching hair with Storm.
Lalaloopsy Storm E Sky - Review real hair doll sewn on date

Cool Cat is Storm's pet cat and she's a cute little addition to the doll, she's made from purple vinyl and has a yellow lightning bolt tag and a black lightning bolt tail too. The perfect cat for little rock chicks like Storm and LM.
Lalaloopsy Storm E Sky - Review Cool Cat and hairbrush

Both LM and I really lilked Storm E Sky. It's quite refreshing to have a colour scheme which isn't mainly pink, in fact only Storm's pink tutu, tights and boots has this colour. The black, silver and purple add a real coolness and a little something to the Lalaloopsy range which is great to see.

Last week we all went camping with LM's grandparents and cousin and they loved playing with Storm E Sky on our own mini rock festival (even if the tunes were provided by Radio 2 rather a live band), LM already has the tutu which arrived with Storm so she passed this on to her cousin and both girls loved dancing around our camping field!
Lalaloopsy Storm E Sky - Review Festival Music Dancing Tutu

Storm E Sky has been played with everyday since she arrived in our house. She's a lovely addition to LM's Lalaloopsy collection and we think she'd make and Lalaloopsy fan very happy.
Lalaloopsy Storm E Sky - Review Dancing music festival tutus

Doll supplied for evaluation purposes.