5 Christmas Holiday Options

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Have you ever considered spending Christmas on holiday? It's something I tend to think about every now and again and I have different ideas that I always find myself dreaming of when the hectic run up to Christmas gets a little bit too much! Whether abroad or at home, there's a range of different options for families with the freedom to travel over the festive season.

The first one I often think about is Lapland. I'm not sure I'd actually enjoy sledging through the snow too much. I really hate being cold so much! It's one of those real bucket list trips though and friends who have visited the big man at 'the North Pole' talk about how much it really made Christmas magical for them and their children.
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My second option would be somewhere hot! Somewhere like Dubai sounds like a pretty amazing place to visit over the Christmas holidays. Two weeks or so of sunbathing, all you can eat buffets and luxurious hotels where you don't have to lift a finger would be a very relaxing place to spend the festive period. I've been checking out the range of destinations available over on the Destination2 website and they have a long list of tropical Christmas holidays available which have really got me thinking!

Third up is Australia. Ian spent Christmas Down Under when he went travelling there in his early 20s. He often talks to the children about his Christmas on the beach and New Year celebrations in Sydney. We'd love to take the whole family to Australia and Christmas seems like it would be an amazing time to be there.

My fourth choice would be a European city. This isn't really one for over Christmas itself but I'd love to go and visit the Christmas markets in a city like Hamburg or Frankfurt. It would be wonderful to book a long weekend and fly off for a couple of nights (child free of course) to celebrate Christmas in the European markets.

In reality it's unlikely that we will ever spend Christmas away from home. We're part of a very close extended family and I don't think any of us would want to miss out on the opportunity to be with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins on the big day. That brings me to my fifth option and this really is a 'money no object' one. I'd love to rent a big Country House somewhere out in North Yorkshire or Derbyshire and take the whole family off for a magical Christmas together. We'd need somewhere to sleep around 25 people and to hire staff I think so this is really a 'money is no object' option. We can all dream!

Where would you spend your dream Christmas? Is your ideal destination on my list?

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