10 Things that Bud and I Have Learned This Week...

23:19 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

1. ...that Bud now knows three of the actions to one of his favourite songs and can wait for the appropriate moment in the song to make the action. The Song is 'Wind the Bobbin Up' and he can now 'wind the bobbin', clap his hands at the right time and also point to the ceiling. I am very proud.

2. ...that our local library is a very exciting place full of lots of new books to throw all over the floor explore! The librarian will even let you take some of the books home with you! Result!

3. ...that Strictly Come Dancing is essential toddler viewing. Ditto for the World Gymnastics Championships.

4. ...that I won't be buying any more issues of 'Mollie Makes' as, much as I would like to be that sort of crafter, I'm just not.

5. ...that Red Rose Daddy makes really good Cornflake Cakes.

6. ...that, according to Bud, sheep and goats say 'baaaa', all birds say 'quack, quack, quack' and cows and llamas say 'mooo'.

7. ...that we really need to sort the central heating out before it starts to get really cold and the leaking pipe completely ruins the lounge floor.

8. ...that spending the day with good friends is great for the soul, even if you haven't seen them for 3 years and you were sick in their car on the last occasion you did so.

9. ...that Bud can walk in wellies.

10. ...that I'm really enjoying blogging!

What have you and your families learned this week?