Review: Mega Bloks Time to Build Advertiser Page

16:35 Pippa Ainsworth 1 Comments

Bud loves his Mega Bloks and plays with them a lot. He is just getting to the age where he is starting to build things by putting the Bloks together instead of just banging them against one another like he did when he first got them last Christmas. I was browsing online earlier and came across a new (to me anyway!) advertisement website for Mega Bloks, hosted by Cartoonito. The site introduces Buddy who seems a friendly little chap in his Mega Bloks hard hat and he has a video on the home page which shows a different model everyday, today it is a caterpillar. There is a link at the top of the page entitled 'Build Your Own' which, if you click on it, shows about 20 different models you can build from your Mega Bloks, with everything from a Sailboat to a Giraffe. This reminded me of the instructions you get with Lego kits, they show you which bricks you need then how to put them together to create your model. Some of the models are actually quite complex and I feel it would be a great way of introducing your little one to more complicated modelling as they get older. It would also be a good way to get parents involved with playing with the Mega Bloks.

The website has a competition ongoing where, if your little one builds something with their Mega Bloks you can photograph it and upload it. If you are one of the first 250 (at the moment I can see approx 110 in the Gallery) you will be sent a free Buddy, which would be a great addition to any Mega Bloks collection. We've uploaded and hope to receive a free Buddy for the Bud. Other features include an extensive page on the benefits to children of playing with Mega Bloks which I found informative. There is also a section on Retailer and Product Information which, at the moment, shows an offer on at Tesco with more promised as 'coming soon'.

I found this website when surfing the internet and have received no incentive from Mega Bloks to make this post.