Shining Light

20:35 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Music has always been a source of joy to me. I can't carry a tune in a bucket and have no musical ability whatsoever but I have always adored music, whether live, recorded or on the radio. It has always been the one thing that can relax me, inspire me and soothe me. After Bud arrived I completely lost touch with that side of myself and oh! How I misssed it. I didn't realise I missed it because I was in new-baby haze where putting my child first meant that all my interests really got sidelined but, as he grew bigger, I needed to get back to myself and reconnecting with live music is the way that I have done so. This coincided with reconnecting with an old school friend who lives locally and has much the same taste in 90's indie music as I do. Since April this year we've been to several gigs and this Sunday six of us are off to see Ash in Manchester. I cannot wait!

I've had a bit of a crush on Tim Wheeler, their lead singer since they released their first album '1977' in 1996. The band were the same age as me (I was also born in 1977 which was the reason they named their album so) and their debut album was a firm favourite of mine. The gig on Sunday sees them playing their biggest album, Free All Angels, live along with other greatest hits and they will be joined by Charlotte Hatherley their erstwhile guitarist who is rejoining just for this tour. I've seen Ash before but without the anticipation that I feel this time. My favourite Ash song, Shining Light, will definitely be played on Sunday night as it came from Free All Angels. I love the lyrics to this and it never fails to uplift me.

I think the reason for the anticipation is, simply, the importance of doing something just for myself and taking time out from being a Mummy to be 'me' again. I'm lucky to have a wonderful family who will look after Bud when me and RRD need a night out. I'm also very lucky to have a little boy who bops round the living room with me when I turn 6 Music up loud(ish - I'm in my 30s you know!) I just hope that he grows up to love music as much as I do and, if not, finds a equivalent source of joy whatever that may be.