10 Things that Bud and I Have Learned This Week...

23:55 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

1. That it is no fun when both Bud and I are ill at the same time. We have a matching hacking cough that Bud is dealing with much better than I am. Mine is worse, in my defence.

2. That there is only a certain number of times that I can play the Party Rock Anthem in a day before it starts to drive me a little insane. This is Bud's absolute favourite song at the moment and the torture of having it on repeat is worth it to see him dancing to it.

3. That Bud really, really needs a haircut. I don't want to get it cut but he keeps brushing it away from his face so it really seems to be irritating him now. A trip to the hairdressers is required, for a trim, not a 'short back and sides'.

4. That, no matter how good my intentions are, I will always stay up too late and watch Claudia Winkleman on Film 2011. I can't stay away from this show and always forget to V+ so I have to watch it at the time.

5. That filling a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child is a rewarding and enjoyable task and one that we will be repeating every year.

6. That, sometimes, true bravery and strength can be shown on a football pitch.

7. How to make White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins (even if I did 'borrow' a pack of Bud's Milky Way Buttons to do so), and how yummy they taste.

8. That I am hopeless at carving pumpkins

9. That Bud quite likes the carved pumpkin, until you light the candle inside when it becomes very, very scary.

10. That Halloween is very tiring for tiny vampires.

What have you and your families learned this week?