Listography - Top 5 Gadgets

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This weeks Listography prompt over at Kate Takes 5 asks for your Top 5 gadgets. A gadget is defined as:-
1. a small mechanical device or appliance
2. any object that is interesting for its ingenuity or novelty rather than for its practical use

I'm quite a gadget girl and I don't know where I would be without them. I use so many on a daily basis and here are my absolute top 5.

1. My Digital Camera
I have something of a love-hate relationship with my current camera. I love that it allows me to capture Bud's life in great detail and seldom does a day go by without me taking at least one photo but I am frustrated by my current camera as it just isn't up to the job I need it for. I think I'm ready for a DSLR but it will be a while before my bank balance allows that particular upgrade. Anyway, the current camera allows me to take photos like these
so I suppose I should stop complaining about it.

2. My Mobile Phone
Yet another love-hate relationship. My phone is my lifeline and essential to me, I never leave the house without it. When I think back to my teenage years of standing around waiting for friends who were always late and I think how easy it is to text or call people and keep them informed now I just shudder. I could never go back to not having a mobile. My current phone is a Blackberry Curve. I got it because it was free on a cheap contract and the data services (which I am meant to have included) have never worked in they way they are meant to. I'm rather tired of complaining to Virgin Mobile about it now so I'm sticking it out until I can upgrade to an Android phone which should solve the problems.

3. The Laptop
This is another one that provides a lifeline to me. It is the way in which I keep up with people all over the world. I can share my photos with friends who have never met Bud and family members who live further afield can see him every week and watch him grow. Since I started this blog my laptop has become even more important as a tool for me to express myself and keep my sanity. It is on all the time when I'm up, no, I'm not on it all that time, but I like being able to pick it up, check my email, read twitter, upload a few photos etc etc whenever I need to.

4. My Kindle
When I first heard about eBook readers I was fairly confident that I would never own one. 'It won't feel like a proper book'... 'It won't smell like a proper book'... 'I won't like holding it'... and many more comments were uttered by my lips. One day my friend brought his Kindle with him when he came to see us and I had a look at it. From that point onward I knew I had to have one and within a few weeks I had cashed in all my Amazon vouchers and had one in my hands. It has changed the way I read and, as a busy mum, has allowed me the opportunity to read more often. I can't lose my page or forget where I'm up to and I can carry around 5000+ books in my handbag which means that I always have something to read. I love my Kindle.

5. The Electric Kettle
I think it is fairly self explanatory but where would most of these gadgets be if I couldn't sit down without a cup of Coffee or Tea to accompany them. An electric kettle means I can have boiling hot water at the press of a button within a couple of minutes. Very simple but imagine a hundred years ago - they would probably think this was amazing. The simple pleasures are often the best. Our kettle has a broken lid at the moment and it is taking longer to boil. I'm really noticing a difference - I think we need a new one and soon.

If you'd like to write your own list of your Top 5 Gadgets you can link up with Kate here
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