Listography - Top 5 Random Things I Like

15:56 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

This weeks Listography prompt over at Kate Takes 5 asks the Top 5 Random Things that I Like.

Be warned though, this can't be 'I Like Chocolate', think more like 'I Like Chocolate with my Chips'.

The Top 5 Randoms:-
1. I love chocolate and salt together. I have even been known to eat chocolate and ready salted crisps at the same time. Thankfully Lindt have now launched a bar with a 'hint of sea salt' so I am very happy!

2. I have to have the TV volume number as a division of 5. If my OH turns it up to 67 I have to get up and then either turn it down to 65 or turn it up to 70.

3. I love being by myself. Obviously I love being with Red Rose Daddy and Bud,and friends and family too but I need time by myself every week for my sanity. An hour will do.

4. I have a serious Lush problem. I've curbed it quite a lot since I had Bud but I still have a massive stash of bath ballistics and soap. I live in a house without a bath so the ballistics stash is reducing very slowly!

5. We don't have many night feeds now Bud is growing up but I absolutely loved those 3am feeds when he was tiny. Just sitting in a quiet house, on a quiet street and feeling like we were the only people in the world who were awake was lovely.

To join in, post your 5 and then go on over to Kate Takes 5 to link up.