Review: Fender: The Golden Age 1946-1970

15:51 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Octopus Books were offering this book for review on Twitter and I knew my biggest nephew would love to have a look at it. He is 19 and a massive music fan. He plays guitar and knows the difference between a Fender and a Gibson. As a music fan I was looking forward to having a look through it myself.

This is a beautiful hardback book with full colour photos throughout. The book's blurb explains that the authors have travelled the world and been entrusted with some of the most valuable guitars on earth to bring together the finest collection of Fender guitars in one book, along with the most complete selection of Fender ephemera.

Starting with the birth of Leo Fender in 1909 through to the release of his first guitar in 1946 and the subsequent development of the company and their electric guitars and equipment. It goes into detail, without being too in depth and including information that only the biggest anorak would want to know. The musicians who played Fenders are also included, with a full chapter devoted to Jimi Hendrix.

This book is really well written, and excellent quality. The paper is heavy and glossy and the text, although very small, is concise and to the point. Every page contains at least one beautifully shot photograph. In essence this book manages, I think, to appeal to the hardcore fan and to those with just a passing interest. It really is a very enjoyable read for anyone interested in music.

I'll be passing this book on to biggest nephew soon and am sure he will enjoy it even more than I did.

Fender: The Golden Age is published by Cassell Illustrated. RRP £15:99 

Rating: 9/10