Oh Christmas Tree!

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We bought our Christmas Tree on Monday (we always have a real one) but, due to busy days we haven't had the chance to get it decorated until tonight and the tree has been inhabiting the downstairs loo instead,

I really like the place we get our Christmas trees from, we always go to the same one. They grow their own and are a local, independent company.

I'm quite surprised by our tree as, usually you get them home and they are much bigger than you thought but this one is actually smaller than we realised!

We have so many lovely decorations and a smaller tree this year so I haven't had to resort to the generic filler baubles so I'm really pleased with the tree. Red Rose Daddy and I had a lovely evening remembering where we had bought each one as we hung it.

So, our tree.
The tree in all it's glory.

Some special baubles,. the ice-skating choirboys were bought at Winchester Cathedral last Winter.

Bud's First Christmas Bauble (Winnie the Pooh), it has his name on it. At the bottom is an Owl which is also a bell. I have a feeling this will be Bud's favourite this year as he loves Owls at the moment.

We decorated the Christmas tree after Bud went to bed tonight, I can't wait until he sees it in the morning!

What does your tree look like?