Mix Tape Monday #11

22:34 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

The lovely I Want My Mummy invites us, this week to link up and tell her a song that you hate. This is a tricky one for me, I'm quite black and white about my music and there are quite a few songs that fit the bill quite well.

I've decided to go for a song by an artist I can't warm to at all. I don't like her voice, her image or her music. If she comes onto the radio when i'm listening to it I will switch over. So, which song to pick? This one I remember being around when I was pregnant and therefore often irritable, this song was a major source of irritation.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed next week and I'll be back to talking about the music I love, until then I, reluctantly, bring you Russian Roulette by Rihanna

So, which song do you hate? Head on over to I Want My Mummy to link up by clicking the badge below.

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