Project 366 in 2012

21:43 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

I've seen Project 365 all over the internet, lots of people seem to take part in it, but I've especially enjoyed seeing the daily photo over at The Boy and Me. Simply put, you post a photo every day for a whole year. I've been feeling that I don't take enough photos of Bud and the things we get up to so I've decided to set myself the Project 365 (366 this year, as it is a leap year) challenge for 2012. Hopefully this year should be an interesting and exciting one for us all and I think it will be a wonderful way to capture it. I now have a phone which has a decent enough camera to capture photos too so, when I forget my camera (a not-infrequent occurence) I should still have the means to get a shot.

So, Happy New Year and here's to Project 366.