Are you Ready for Winter?

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A few months ago we were driving back from York and ended up one missed petrol station away from breaking down in the car as we had nearly run out of fuel. We don't have Breakdown Cover and., with a tired Bud in his car seat in the back of the car this would have been a bit of a disaster. Thankfully my local knowledge meant that we found Tesco, filled up and got home without further event but it got me thinking about our preparations for Winter and how often we forget to sort the car out in addition to making sure we are wrapped up well.

Red Rose Daddy is off work this week so he will be sorting out our Breakdown Cover, filling up the screen wash in the car, stocking up on anti-freeze and de-icer and making sure our snow shovel, a thick blanket, tow rope and an ice scraper are in the boot of the car, just in case anything should happen if we have to go somewhere in the snow. He'll also be making sure that our tyre pressure is OK, our tyres are quite new so we shouldn't have any problems with those. I'm firmly of the 'no non-essential travel' school of thought when the snow falls and we are lucky in that we have everything on our doorstep so can tramp through the snow for our bread and milk. We've also bought a sledge for Bud so we can pull him around on that if the last few years' snowfall is repeated. Last Winter I was virtually housebound with an 8 month old Bud and I don't want to repeat that. I'm really afraid of breaking down with Bud in the car. I know we wouldn't be stranded as such, because both of our Dad's would definitely come and get us if we needed them to but I would rather not have to! I'm trying to train Red Rose Daddy to stop letting the fuel gauge run down to where the display stops telling you how many miles you have left to go and refuel at about 50 miles to go but it is a long process. Until that point I'll be using the Sat Nav to find fuel stations in unfamiliar places when we are next away from home. 

Are you ready for Winter? 

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