What A Week! A Week of Project 366 (Photos 54-60)

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What a week. I've tried, so far to publish a photo a day as part of Project 366 and, apart from a couple of really busy weekends where I've taken the photos each day and published 2 or 3 together, I have managed it. This week, whilst I did remember to take a photo every day, I haven't switched the laptop on so publishing these has had to wait.

Bud woke us last Wednesday at 6am and we discovered that he had been sick all over his cot. He couldn't even keep water down until Wednesday evening and was a very poorly boy indeed. Thursday dawned with no more sickness but very unpleasant nappies. He was drinking but wouldn't eat anything and was very listless. Having a sleepy, floppy boy on my lap all day led me to phone the Doctor as I was worried about dehydration. Happily they could fit us in straight away so we took him down. The Doctor assured me that he wasn't dehydrated, not to worry about the not eating and to keep giving him juice to keep him hydrated.
54/366 'Still Poorly' - Taken in our bed when Bud was starting to feel better but still not well.

We had been invited away for the weekend with Grandma and Grandad, Bud's Aunt and Uncle and two Cousins on Friday so I was really hoping he would be well enough to go. He woke on Friday a bit brighter. He still wasn't eating very much at all so we kept on with the fluids. The nappies had calmed down considerably but still weren't pleasant. I was fairly confident that being around the family would cheer him up so we headed off to Patterdale in the Lake District on Friday afternoon. When we got to our room we didn't have a travel cot supplied but there was a spare single bed in the room. We decided to risk him in the big bed and he slept beautifully. There was only a small gap between our bed and his and we filled the gap with the spare pillows and tucked him in well but there was no incident at all and he slept like that for two nights. I was a bit emotional seeing him sleeping peacefully in a big boy bed. I don't think I'm ready to change him into a big bed at home though.
55/366 'Big Boy Bed' - My grown up boy fast asleep in a single bed for the first time.

On Saturday we had a lovely walk to feed the ducks in Bowness, followed by time on the park and then lunch in Windermere. Bud now seems to think that, when we go away with the family, that's what happens. As soon as we went to breakfast he started saying 'ducks' and 'park'. We went away with the family to Keswick before Christmas and he clearly remembered the Saturday we spent walking around Keswick, and beside Derwentwater then!
56/366 'Swinging' - You'll notice that he isn't holding on. My child seems to think his mittens are sacred and won't touch anything when wearing them!

Sunday saw us heading home via Kendal. We thought that we would go to the Museum of Lakeland Life but, sadly, it isn't open on Sunday in winter. The same could be said for much of Kendal! The children spotted castle ruins on top of the hill so we decided to walk up there and have a look around. We spent quite a while exploring the ruins and playing hide and seek and also fitted in some time on another park. A quick walk around the shops and we headed home after a lovely weekend. While Bud was not himself he did enjoy himself and I was very glad that we went. The only downside was that, by the time we got home I had started to feel awful. Thankfully not my stomach, but my sinuses and I went to bed straight after Bud at 8pm.
57/366 'Waiting' - Our room was directly above where we had parked our car so Bud discovered he could watch from the window as his Daddy loaded the car.

Monday saw the return of Bud's appetite, thank goodness. I was very relieved to have him asking for snacks instead of saying 'noooo' when I asked him if he wanted anything (which was the response received since he had taken ill). I felt awful all day though. I've experienced sinus problems off and on since my mid-teens and know that there isn't much I can do about them. Bud's Grandma came and took him out in the afternoon which was great so I could go to sleep again.  Another early night saw me in bed by 9.
58/366 'Carpentry' - Bud received this great EverEarth tool bench for Christmas and has only just started to play with it. He loves getting to grips with the tools now.

I woke yesterday feeling brighter but, by lunchtime, started to feel awful again. Bud was very grumpy because Mummy was no fun. He only cheered up when Grandma came to take him out again.
59/366 'Grumpy' - This is a terrible photo but the only one I took yesterday when I felt awful. This was Bud's expression for most of the day as Mummy really didn't want to do very much at all.

Today saw an early start for a very busy Toddlers group, from which we acquired a great Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. We don't have room for it in the group and the children all fight over it too so they had decided to see if anyone wanted it. We were very pleased to bring it home with us although Bud hasn't worked out that he needs to 'walk' his feet to make it go so I had to push him, thank goodness it is at the end of our street! I'm feeling a bit brighter today and hoping that my sinus attack may be over. Fingers crossed. I've had a couple of messages to ask me if I will be proposing to Red Rose Daddy, as it is Leap Day. The answer is no. There are some questions that a lady shouldn't have to ask!
60/366 'Drink and Biscuit' - Bud was a bit tired out by Toddlers this morning. Sometimes he is a little bit overwhelmed when it is very busy, as it was today. I think he was ready for his toast, biscuit and drink.