A Walk in the Park

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Late in my pregnancy we finally decided that we could manage without a double pram. Bud had started to walk further and further and I was quite sure that he would manage our little outings well if I didn't rush him and we took it slowly. We have a stroller as well as the bigger pram so if we go out for the day as a family we can take that or Bud can ride on his Dad's shoulders (his favourite mode of transport!) As Little Miss is only six weeks old, the weather has been dreadful and we've had quite a bit of illness since her arrival we haven't been very far and cabin fever has been setting in.

We decided to walk to the park yesterday, as the weather was lovely, and then on into town for some shopping.This isn't a great distance but is a reasonable trek for two and a half year old little legs.

Our first destination (after popping into the library and church) was our local park. We haven't been here in a while. I was very well prepared and had a spare muslin in the changing bag to wipe down the swings, we knew they would be damp from all the rain  but a lovely Grandad who was pushing his Granddaughter saw us coming and wiped it for us. We ended up having quite a chat while we pushed the little ones.
It was Little Miss' first trip to the park but she was oblivious and slept through it all cosy in her pram.

Bud loves the swings and was happy to stay on one for most of our time at the park.

He has started leaning back on the swings, which nearly gave me a heart attack. I quickly stopped reacting as he was doing it more and more. He stopped when he realised I wasn't responding. I assume he has seen bigger children doing this and is copying them. I hope he doesn't do it again!

After we finished on the swings Bud sat on the roundabout so I could move it for him. I'm not actually sure this is a roundabout but I don't know what else to cal it. It slides around. I love this photo of him though, one of the best I have taken in a while.

We took the opportunity to walk through the rest of the park by going the long way in to town and Bud loved all the Autumn colours and the leaves on the ground.

I really enjoyed getting out into the fresh air with the children and was so pleased with how well Bud walked. he knows that I can't carry him when I am pushing the pram and has stopped asking me to which is great. We take it very slowly and walk at his pace and I think that is the key. I love the magic and wonder he sees in the world around him and yes, it does takes us fifteen minutes to walk the same distance I could walk in two but it makes me look at the world in a different way. I think a two year old's perspective is one that we should all enjoy at least now and again.
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