Giveaway: Win a Limited Edition Friends Prize Pack

20:31 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Warner Bros are releasing the Complete Series of Friends on Blu-Ray on November 12th and, to celebrate, they have launched two great web apps that I can share with you.

The first is a video player which has new Friends mashup video clips each week, starting with Janice (oh my gaaaaaaahd!) This will be updated each Thursday during November so check back for a new clip each week.

The second is a blog app which offers you the opportunity to find out which Friends character you are most like (surprisingly, I'm Rachel) and a '30 Days of Friends' Trivia challenge.

I'm a big Friends fan and I've seen each episode many times and I can't stop playing this game! Friends could be my specialist subject on Mastermind and I think I would do well.

The people at Warner Bros have offered me a limited edition Friends prize pack to celebrate the Blu Ray release. One lucky winner will receive two oversized Cappucino mugs and a picture frame just like the one that used to sit on the door of Monica and Chandler's apartment.

To enter the giveaway just follow the steps below.

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