Christmas Gift Ideas: Dolly and Jack

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I'm slowly getting used to being the Mother of a baby girl and all the girly trappings that come with it. I'm not especially girly myself and was something of a tomboy when I was small so this is all new to me. A couple of friends have asked if I was going to get any clips or headbands for her hair and, at first, I wasn't sure (I've seen too many bald babies with big headbands) but Little Miss has so much hair that it seems a shame not to make the most of it! When Dolly and Jack were asking for reviewers to try their range of enchanting hair accessories I put us forward.

I was sent two beautiful clips to try out in Little Miss' hair.

Dolly Jack Hair Clips Jessica Bow Stella Butterfly

First impressions are great. The clips come wrapped in tissue paper and attached to a piece of vintage-style card which gives them an expensive look and feel. Each of the clips retails for £3:50. We were sent the turquoise Stella Butterfly and the Jessica red and white polka dot bow. Dolly and Jack barrettes are all handmade in the UK with a unique non-slip fastening for even the softest and finest hair.

I was slightly worried that the clips would pull at Little Miss' hair or that she would find them uncomfortable. This simply wasn't the case. The metal fastening on the back of the butterfly and bow simply pops open between your finger tips. You then place it on to the hair and apply a little pressure to pop it shut. Another concern was that if the barrette fell out it would pull her hair out with it, This was where the clips really surprised me. When I pulled at the ornament to see how secure it was it simply slid out of Little Miss' hair with no pulling or tearing at all. I'm amazed by this as they stay in place perfectly well but, with a touch they can be removed hassle-free. Just great and much better than having to unclip or unfasten a hair decoration as you do with so many available on the high street. 

Little Miss has been modelling the clips quite a bit and I can't resist sharing a couple of photos with you. 
Dolly Jack Hair Clips Jessica Bow Red White Polka Dots Turquoise Butterfly Stella Baby
Beautiful, huh?

I'm really impressed by the Dolly and Jack clips and will definitely be returning to buy some more for Little Miss although Red Rose Daddy says that she isn't allowed to have a different one for every outfit! 

Dolly and Jack also sell a range of beautiful wall prints and vinyls which would be perfect for decorating a nursery or little girl's bedroom. 
Dolly Jack Print

Dolly and Jack have an Etsy store. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook and with one of the best sets of Pinterest boards I've ever seen!

Disclaimer: We were sent two hairclips for the purpose of this review, the fact that I've fallen in love with them and will definitely be buying more is all my own opinion!