A Sad Farewell

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Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere but we had some bad news today. Ten days ago we were just settling down to watch a film and we heard a knock on the door. Red Rose Daddy opened it to a very nice, and very sorry, man who confessed that he had just crashed into our car parked outside our house. He left his details and rushed off to work. RRD went out to look at it and we thought it was just a bit of bodywork damage. He tried to move the car away from the icy side street that had caused the issue but realised he couldn't steer at all and the car could not be driven. The damage was much worse than first thought. We could clearly see that one of the steering struts behind the wheel was broken.

We phoned the insurance company who agreed to get the garage out to come and move the car and to supply us with a courtesy car. The garage were finally able to take the car on Friday, prior to that our street was too icy. The call finally came today, our car has been written off. This innocuous little crash caused over £2000 worth of damage! As our boiler has also been struggling recently today was the day that we got someone round to look at that too. It needs a new pump, it is more economical to buy a new boiler. Car and boiler written off in the same day! That's quite spectacularly bad luck for one day!

Renault Megane Snow

So, goodbye to you, our Renault Megane. I have so many happy memories attached to you. You were the car we went on our first date in, that we moved my things back to Bolton in when I came back here to live after meeting RRD and then the car that we moved into our first home in. You had so many hospital trips, to scans and antenatal appointments, to the labour ward, including that one dramatic night when I woke up bleeding heavily at 14 weeks pregnant with Bud. You were the car that Red Rose Daddy drove us to hospital in to give birth to Bud and Little Miss and then safely transported them home in the same soft grey car seat. It seems silly to me to be saying goodbye to a car but I need to. This feels like a goodbye, you are intrinsically tied up in our early story as a family. When I think of these days I'll see us loading Bud and Little Miss into their car seats and all your little foibles - like the broken drivers' door window and the way you used to grumble in wet weather. We will miss you.

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