Graco Evo Week: The Graco Evo Carry Cot

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Welcome to the next post in my Graco Evo week series where I will show you the Graco Evo Carry Cot. When I was pining for a new pram around the arrival of Little Miss I really wanted a pram 'that looks like a pram'. To me this means a 'proper' carry cot with a hood to give you the authentic pram shape. This was another reason I was so pleased to be chosen to review the Graco Evo. The carry cot is suitable from birth to around six month (up to a maximum of 10kgs).

So, what's in the box?

Graco Evo Carry Cot Carrycot Box contents

Upon receiving the box containing the carry cot the first thing that will strike you is the depth of the box. It really is quite shallow and shows how collapsible the Graco Evo carry cot is, but more on that later. You open the box and find a collapsed carry cot, complete with hood which is firmly attached and a bright, Chili red apron.

Assembly is very straightforward. You lift out the grey lining to reveal two metal bars which straighten up into  a set of two brackets on each side. This makes the carry cot stable and secure. The carry cot has a beautifully soft and snuggly lining with a thick, comfortable mattress. I was really sure that Little Miss would be comfortable in here. After assembly you simply replace the lining and mattress (it all affixes with velcro) and you are ready to go. The hood has three positions - flat, halfway and up. Little Miss likes to be nosy so we often have the hood flat when we are out and about so she can watch the world going by. The apron fits on with velcro strips and fastens at the base of the hood with a press stud on each side. I'm pleased to say that the hood features the same reflective strip as the stroller hood. Great for the dark nights.

Graco Evo Carrycot Carry cot assembly features

The carry cot is lightweight and, when fixed on to the pram chassis I can easily lift the whole thing. This makes a dramatic change from my old pram. In order to fix it on to the base you simply line it up and push down. To remove it you push upwards on the grey bars (as seen in picture three in the above image) and lift it off. This is great if you have a sleeping baby on the return from a walk as you can transfer the carry cot from chassis into the house and leave your child sleeping, if you can't wheel your pram into your house like us. 

I'm so pleased to have the Graco Evo carry cot. Little Miss was born in September so she will be small during the worst of the winter. I feel like this carry cot will provide her with more protection from the elements than being in a regular stroller while she is still so small. The carry cot is very easy to flatten so it can take up less space, you simply lift up the liner and push the straightening bars out of their brackets which allows the sides to collapse. Ordinarily a carry cot would take up lots of room in the boot of a car but this one collapsed, and the compact size of the chassis means that it is easy to travel with the carry cot. We've used it with the car several times now, where as previously the usual option would be the stroller seat or car seat on the chassis. 

I must admit, the carry cot is my favourite way to use the Graco Evo at the moment, while Little Miss is still so small. I enjoy the cheery red hood and the attractive design. Little Miss seems very happy in there too, especially when we keep the hood down so she can see out. 

Baby girl Chili Graco Evo Carrycot Carry cot

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