Sammy's Great Escape

00:46 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Recently Bud's attention span has been growing and we've started to watch DVDs as a family. Red Rose Daddy and I are huge film fans and used to go to the cinema a lot before we had children so we are looking forward to Bud being big enough to take to see a film there.

The new offering from Warner Bros, Sammy's Great Escape, would be the perfect film for Bud's first experience of the cinema if he was just a little bit bigger. Out during February half term it tells the story of  Sammy and Ray, two Leatherback turtles who are caught by poachers, ending up in a Dubai aquarium, and their adventures trying to return home to those who love them. We'll probably wait for it on DVD when I'm sure Bud will love it.

I'm pleased to share the trailer with you, it looks like a great way to spend a half term afternoon.