Snow Fun!

17:37 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I have been complaining about the lack of snow we've had over the weekend. What we did have was very wet and had either frozen or melted since it fell. However, last night we went to my In Laws' house and, on the way back, it started to snow. I assumed it would have melted or frozen by the morning but we woke to a really good covering today. Red Rose Daddy had this morning off our car was being picked up after someone crashed into it on Friday night. Luckily the car was parked outside our house, we weren't in it and the driver knocked on the door to explain what had happened so we got his insurance details. Anyway, as soon as we got up and Little Miss had a nap we went out into the garden for some fun in the snow.

Small boy toddler snowman snow football red snowsuit

I love how the snow transforms our surroundings, it makes everything looks so peaceful and clean.

Farnworth Snow Trees Bench Garden

The bottom right photograph is our Christmas tree has been in the garden waiting for Red Rose Daddy to take it to the tip. It looks so pretty now! 

Apparently we might have some more snow tonight so we might be able to have more fun in it tomorrow.