A Brand New Country Kid

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On Thursday we decided to try out a different park. This is one that Bud has explored with grandparents and cousins before but I've never taken him there. This is quite bizarre really as it's about the same distance away as 'our' park, just in the opposite direction. It isn't on the way to anywhere so I can't combine it with a trip to the shops or the library and I tend to forget about it.

Little Miss has been along on all our jaunts to play outside since her birth but has mostly slept through them, snug inside her pram. On this trip she was wide awake and giggling at me throughout the walk to the park. It was a very cold day with beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

Farnworth Children's Park Blue Skies White Clouds

I decided that it was the day for Little Miss to have her first turn on the equipment. She supports her own head really well and she can sit up for a few seconds at a time so I thought she'd love it. Her big brother pronounced her too little for the park but he's going to have to get used to her getting bigger and joining in more, this is just the start! Little Miss went on the swing and the spring rider, all with very gentle movement of course. She smiled throughout so I'm fairly sure she enjoyed it! She wasn't out of the pram for very long as, whilst she was bundled up in blankets inside it, her coat wasn't really big enough to keep her warm outside it. A lesson for next time. 

Baby girl small toddler boy swings park spring rocker

I've loved comparing them on the equipment and seeing Bud's assurance on it. He climbs in and out of the rockers on his own, scoots up the steps on the slide and can almost swing himself too. Inevitably it also brought thoughts of Bud's first trip to the park, a different one but with very similar equipment. He was around the same age Little Miss is now and I remember feeling really nervous about my precious baby being on the swings! He's always loved it and parks have been favourite haunts ever since. I thought I'd dig out the photos from his very first trip. It was a glorious, warm day with a lots of sunshine. As you can see I didn't let go of the swing.

Baby boy girl swings park

I love Bud's expression in this photo. He doesn't look very happy but he was smiling and giggling. He really does look quite different to his sister here!

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