The Mama-licious Feed Me Dress

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As part of my role as a guest blogger for More4Mums I am pleased to be able to review the Mama-licious Feed Me Dress. Dresses are always tricky to wear while breastfeeding. Many of my favourite dresses are not suitable to wear while nursing as they need me to get undressed when Little Miss is hungry. As I'm a huge fan of wearing dresses I was eager to put this one through it's paces. The dress is available in Black and Midnight Blue. I try not to wear too much black as it really doesn't suit me - I'm too pale - so I was pleased to choose the Midnight Blue dress.

Mamalicious Feed Me Dress from More4Mums in Blue

I am not a natural model so please excuse the terrible photo! I hope you can see the dress well. The dress works with a moveable panel in the 'V' shape of the neckine. You simply move the upper layer one way and the lower panel the other and this allows you to feed discretely. The dress is made from good quality jersey which has plenty of stretch. It holds you in but also allows you to move freely while wearing it. I really love the sleeve length as it allows me to show off my skinny wrists (I know, I know but you have to find the positives in your appearance and go with them) and wear a great bangle or bracelet too.

Mamalicious Feed Me Dress Midnight Blue from Made4Mums

I found the dress really comfortable to wear and it was extremely easy to feed Little Miss while wearing it. I did need a muslin to cover my modesty in public but, compared to having to undress to use some of my existing dresses, that was just fine. I would usually use some kind of cover anyway. I've worn this dress a few times now, both for casual days and on two occasions for formal meals. It is extremely easy to dress up or down and is a really adaptable item for my wardrobe. When you are breastfeeding it can be difficult to find clothes which work formally but this has been perfect for a couple of family celebrations that I have attended in the last few weeks.

I've been using Polyvore to pull together a couple of boards to show you how easy it is to style this dress for different occasions. I've worn my dress with scarves around my neck and I thought I would incorporate this into the boards too. As many breastfeeding mums will know it can be difficult to wear necklaces with a feeding baby grabbing them so scarves are a great alternative to these. I also love a great scarf because I can use it as an impromptu cover for feeding if needed, simply by untying or unwinding it. As mentioned before the three quarter length sleeve gives you the chance to show a fantastic bangle or bracelet and I've added one to each look.

My first look is a smart one. This is the way I'd style this dress for a meal out or for an occasion which calls for formal wear. The shoes are from Matalan and are already in my wardrobe and I wore these today with my Mama-licious dress when we went out to dinner to celebrate my Mum's birthday.

Mama-licious Feed Me Dress Styled Smart

The second shows a weekend look. This is an outfit I'd love to put together for a day out with my little family. Lunch out and a little shopping, or a trip to the museum with them. I love the scarf and the bag in this set and would love to wear this all together!

Mama-licious Breastfeeding Dress Weekend look

It can be difficult to find good value items which are suitable for nursing, often they can be very expensive and, with a limited lifespan it can put a mum off. This dress retails for only £27:99 at More4Mums which I think is excellent value for money. You could continue to wear this after stopping feeding too as it isn't obviously a nursing dress, it is simply a stylish, great looking dress. 

Disclaimer: I received this dress free of charge to review as part of my role as a Made 4 Mums Guest Blogger but the thoughts and opinions expressed are all my own.