Making Bedtime Child’s Play (Guest Post)

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At the end of a long evening, all you might be thinking about is climbing into bed and calling it a day. Unfortunately, the kids might be more interested in their toys than settling down! To avoid you feeling exhausted the next morning and your children feeling grouchy, here are some top tips to ensure you all get a good night’s sleep.

Baby girl sleeping deeply

Establishing a routine
Getting children used to a good sleep routine from a young age can be vital as they move towards their teens, with lack of sleep affecting academic performance. It’s important to note that as children get older they need less sleep, with five to nine-year-olds needing between eleven and ten hours a night, although the exact number varies with the individual.

Consistency is a particularly important aspect when implementing a bedtime routine with children. Childcare experts recommend a routine that lasts between thirty and forty five minutes, and which focuses on calming your child to prepare them for bed. Think about stopping playtime at least an hour before bedtime, and likewise with any time to watch TV.

Keeping your child safe and sound
It is also important to put children to sleep in the place they will spend the night so that they can feel secure when falling asleep alone. When buying your child’s bed, involve them in the process and make it sound like a treat. The range of kids’ beds at Littlewoods includes fun designs and styles which incorporate storage where children can keep toys. This can be useful during bedtime, since putting away toys used for daytime play signifies to your child that it is time to wind down.

Allow children one security toy so they can feel secure, without being overexcited. Children need to feel that bed is somewhere they can be safe while sleeping.

Implementing a bedtime routine is, of course, easier said than done! However, with perseverance it will lead to more sleep and brighter mornings for you and your child.