Now You Are Six Months Old

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Dear Little Miss

You are now six months old. I can't quite believe how quickly these months have passed. It seems like days since we brought you home from the hospital on your third day of life. A surprise little girl instead of the boy that we were sure we were expecting. I had secret thoughts that you were a girl throughout my pregnancy but shared them with no-one as I was convinced your brother was a girl and didn't want to be wrong again! Your pregnancy was completely different though. You wriggled more (you probably had more room), my bump was smaller and I was so, so sick!

It's a cliché that second children fit right in and are easier than the first. I think that's usually down to parents having a bit more confidence and knowing how to handle a newborn! This was completely true in our case. You've been the easiest baby. You are a happy and pleasant girl who rarely cries. You smiled early and have hardly stopped since. Everyone falls in love with you and comments on what a lovely baby you are. You make me and your Daddy so proud! You've slept from midnight until 8am most nights since you were three weeks old. That took me a while to get used to as your brother didn't sleep through regularly until he was nine months old!

I sometimes feel a little guilty that I don't have the same time for you as I did for your brother. He tends to take over a little. He loves you so much though. I know he is rough with you and that he sometimes makes you cry but he is always so sorry. He doesn't know his own strength and doesn't realise how little you are. We are sure you will run rings around him when you get bigger so I'm sure you will get your own back on him then.

You are becoming a busy little bee who loves to play with her toys and some clear favourites are coming to the fore. Your Lamaze dolly and interlocking rings go everywhere with us. You love being on your baby gym and have recently started to enjoy the Jumperoo, although it always tires you out. You still won't roll over  much but can sit for a few seconds unaided. I'm convinced you may crawl before you roll regularly. Your legs are strong and I think you will walk early. I enjoy watching you on the floor as you manage to wriggle towards anything that you want, it's a slow process but you always get there in the end.

Your Daddy has come around to your name. He didn't like it at first but agreed that it did suit you. Grandad has too despite him disliking someone with your name. I love it, it is classic and elegant and I hope it will suit you as you grow. You are showered with so much love from your family and our friends and your nature makes everyone smile.

You are my little sunbeam, happy half birthday beautiful girl.

With all my love,
Mummy xx

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