Looking Forward to a Family Summer Holiday

22:30 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

My little family hasn't done terribly well at getting away on family holidays. In fact, since Bud was born three years ago we've only managed to get away for more than two nights once. This year I want things to change and I'd really like for us to get away properly, and take an August holiday to the coast.

Whilst we've visited the seaside many times it always seems to have been Winter  or we've been in a hurry and Bud and Little Miss have never been able to play on the beach properly, to build sandcastles and enjoy the feeling of sand scrunching between their toes.

Playing on the beach in winter

As I don't want to fly while Little Miss is still so small we'll be holidaying in this country and I've been thinking about areas of the country that I haven't visited. This means the East Coast, East Anglia or the South East. A few bloggers have been visiting Butlins recently and I've started to seriously consider it as holiday destination. Seeing the photos, and reading about all the fun the families have been having in the three Butlins resorts is leading me to think that it might be the perfect destination. Its been great to see children of a similar age to Bud enjoying themselves, I'm fairly sure he would love it and I'd be able to slope off to the spa for a couple of hours which would be wonderful too. We'd be able to take Little Miss and Bud swimming lots too, something they both enjoy but we don't always manage to find time for it on our busy weekends. There is so much to do at Butlins, with the different shows, activities and characters to meet that I'm sure we would have a wonderful time whatever the weather.

Playing in the sand

If we don't manage a week or two away then we might look to take a few cheap short breaks, I sometimes prefer that as it allows you to visit different parts of the country. No matter what we choose I am determined that we will be having a lovely holiday this year. We'll be taking the opportunity to really enjoy being together as a family and having fun wherever we go and whatever the weather.