Monday 6/5/13 - Saturday 12/5/13 Days 187 - 192 of Project 365

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Firstly, no photo for Sunday. I have a new phone and I can't work out how to sync it to my laptop so I'll have to add it to next week's!

Monday #187 'Playing in the Sun' - We enjoyed beautiful weather today and the children had a wonderful time playing in the sunshine while Red Rose Daddy and his Dad decorated Bud's new bedroom. Little Miss sat in our sun tent for quite a while, it was lovely for her to have bare arms and legs!

Tuesday #188 'Daleks' - My parents were both off work today so Bud, Little Miss and I went out with them. We went over to Media City and spotted two new daleks in the foyer there. 

Wednesday #189 'Snuggles' - Both children were in bed with me. I left them both asleep on opposite sides of the bed and went for a shower. When I cam back this is what I found. Both of them are fast asleep! It's a good job the cot is right up against my side of the bed so Little Miss couldn't go anywhere!

Thursday #190 'New Wheels' - I was lucky enough to win a Cosatto Yo! Pear Drop stroller a few weeks ago and, as they are only a few streets away, a member of the Cosatto team called round to drop off my prize today. We're really pleased with the stroller and Little Miss was very excited to try out her new pram.

Friday #191 'Waffle' - Little Miss and I went out for lunch today with some of the other lovely Blogs Up North ladies. We had such a lovely time chatting and eating the yummy food. This was my wonderful dessert.

Saturday #192 'Steps' - We attended the North West walk to remember Matilda Mae in the morning then headed into town as I needed to upgrade my phone. Bud was fascinated by the steps outside our Town Hall and spent quite a while climbing up and down them.