Sunday 12/5/13 - Sunday 19/5/13 Days 193 - 200 of Project 365

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Sunday 12/5/13 - Sunday 19/5/13 Days 193 - 200 of Project 365

Sunday #193 'A New Cousin' - We went to meet my new niece today. I couldn't resist comparing Little Miss with her new little cousin. She is so tiny that she makes my dainty dot of a girl look enormous! 

Monday #194 'Grumpy' - Little Miss is struggling a little wit her teeth. We often have hot cheeks and she struggles to sleep a little. We had a very quiet day today and I took this when she was down for a nap.

Tuesday #195 'Bread Sticks' - We are trying lots of different finger foods in weaning Little Miss. A recent discovery is bread sticks. She is remarkably adept with them and doesn't struggle to eat them at all.

Wednesday #196 'Sponge Painting' - Wednesday is toddlers for us. Bud often doesn't join in with the craft as he's quite independent and loves to do his own thing. He's so keen on painting at the moment and this was the first time he has used sponges to do so. He loved it.

Thursday #197 'Haircut' - A terrible self portrait but the incident of biggest note today was a snap decision to cut all my hair off. You can't really see it in this but I'm gradually getting used to it and I do like it. Now I have to decide whether or not to keep it short!

Friday #198 'Change at Crewe' - Little Miss and I went to the Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham. We had a lovely day. I have a thing for train station platforms and stations. I think it's the abundance of horizontal and vertical lines converging and diverging all over the place.

Saturday #199 'Big Eyes' - We were quite tired today and the weather was miserable so we spent a lot of time snuggling on the sofa. Little Miss was struggling with the teeth again, there seems to be no sign of them yet. I love her eyes in this shot.

Sunday #200 'Bathroom Break' - We went to the Foodies Festival at Tatton Park today with both mine and Red Rose Daddy's parents. The lovely people from Ecover were there and had a fake bathroom set up ready for photo opportunities. Bud was happy to pose and this photo made me smile so much.  

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