A Good Night's Sleep

12:01 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

I've struggled with insomnia, at varying levels, since I was a teenager. As soon as I become anxious or stressed it is always the first thing to suffer and I will spend hours tossing and turning. Obviously with two young children to run around after I need my sleep more than ever, especially as both of them now sleep through but I still struggle to switch off when I get to bed. Whether it is thinking about something on my mind or mentally composing new blog posts or my to do list for the next day, I lie awake for hours some nights.

Obviously I understand the importance of a good mattress and sleeping environment and we really try to make sure our bedroom is a relaxing place to be. I've recently started to leave my phone downstairs so I don't lie in bed checking Twitter when I should be sleeping, and we have been looking at new Silentnight Mattresses to replace our own as it is getting a little tired. Their new range of eco-friendly rolled mattresses looks like it would be perfect for us. I think I might use the incentive I receive for writing this post to get us some lovely new bedding too.

I've recently been sent a pot of Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Rescue Balm in the hope that it will help me to have a better night's sleep. Neal's Yard Remedies is one of my favourite beauty ranges, I love organic, beautifully scented, effective products and these are some of the best. It helps that when you order it arrives in gorgeous wrapping paper, tied up with a bow. Like a lovely gift!

Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Rescue Balm

The Wild Rose Rescue Balm is something of a wonder product - you can use it as a cleanser, exfoliator (with the included muslin cloth) or as a balm. As well as high levels of wild rosehip oil, the product contains starflower, geranium, rosemary seed and hemp oils. I've been using this product as a cleanser before bed or as a balm on my pulse points to help me relax. Rose and Geranium are two of my favourite fragrances and I find them both very centring and calming. I've taken to applying the balm as a mask and relaxing for a couple of minutes, letting the fragrance and the product do magic, then using the muslin cloth to clean it off. My skin feels beautifully soft and clean afterwards and lingering fragrance is beautiful. The only issue I have is I find it a little heavy to use as a cleanser so, on the 'days off' I dab a little of the balm on to my wrists so I can breath in the fragrance when I am in bed.

Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Rescue Balm

I really love the  Wild Rose Rescue Balm, it's a fantastic product and I'm sure I will continue to use it lots. I can imagine it will be perfect during the winter months as I need a barrier against the wind and rain or my skin needs nourishing as it tends to get dry when the central heating is on lots.

I'm so surprised at the ability to enhance my sleep that this product has offered me.I'm a definite convert,it has become an essential product for me very quickly.